Main goals of the project

To improve the socio-economic situation of the farmers in the region by:

  1. developing and testing the Result-based agri-environment payment schemes (RBAPS) using critical species in Nature Value Farming/Natura 2000
  2. branding and developing new market channels


The Western Stara Planina (WSP) Innovation Hub is situated in north-western Bulgaria on the border with Serbia. It is predominantly a mountainous area of exceptional beauty and biodiversity richness. WSP is dominated by pastures and meadows (63%) many of which are public (72%). Small scale mosaics of farmland are typical around village settlements. Higher Nature Value (HNV) farming systems are our main focus.

Among our biggest achievements so far are:

  1. gaining the confidence of local stakeholders
  2. changing the rules for using of municipal grasslands in favour of livestock breeders
  3. securing the support for HNV grasslands in the Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plan (CAP SP) for 2023-3027

Design and testing of a pilot for HNV grasslands RBAPS is now at the focus of the Hub's activities.

Innovation Hub facilitator: Vyara Stefanova