Main goals of the project

Living Interrow is looking at how cover crops can help protect soil and provide protection on the steep slopes of these organic vineyards and orchards in northern Hungary.


Over several years, trialists have planted different mixes of species-rich seeds (grass-herb and legume) to determine which provide the best overall climate-proof perennial cover crop in the vine inter-rows. They are particularly interested in the best solutions for weed control, soil conservation and biodiversity development.

With a focus on how technology and agroecological principles can be used together, the research also looks at the impact on ecosystems, observing how the use of cover crops might change environmental conditions.

Going forward, the project would like to work more closely with all in the value chain, including seed companies. Questions about the vineyards’ ecological effects on the wider landscape, and how social and economic aspects can be included in research, are also of interest.

Innovation Hub facilitator: Tamás Miglécz

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