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  • 10:00-11:30
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Andreas Lüscher, facilitator of our AGFF Innovation Hub in Switzerland, presents his team's research into the practical application of multi-species seed mixtures, demonstrating their advantage as a pillar for agroecology.

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In this webinar, we explore functional biodiversity, input substitution, symbiotic nitrogen fixation and weed suppression. In doing so, we examine more closely:

  • the agroecological advantages of mixtures, presenting research results from European projects with large experimental networks;
  • the process of developing seed mixtures;
  • the major mixture types, looking at how this depends on  utilisation purpose and growth conditions; and
  • the AGFF certification label for high-quality seed mixtures.

Come along if you're

  • a researcher interested in the effects of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning, or in applied development of multi-species mixtures
  • working in agricultural extension services
  • are a teacher of agriculture in a college or university
  • representing a seed company
  • farmers producing crops with and without leys

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