Main goals of the project

To develop a competitive identity by making sure our higher standards of farming are recognised and highlighted as a point of difference in the marketplace, focusing on organic and agroecological principles (Bio+).


Key objectives of this Innovation Hub include:

  1. to identify which agroecological principles should be included in the new Bio+ brand (i.e. which values/indicators will convince the consumers/clients/investors?)
  2. to consolidate the new brand in a collective voluntary certification system, a new Bio+ standard based on large national network
  3. to build on the strengths of the strong identity of the Danube Delta region as a natural park where only organic production is allowed, and the strong business and policy network of Innovation Hub facilitator
  4. to address the challenges of including agroecological concepts in the cultivation of crops (e.g. the role of rotation, field size, irrigation); what is the level of (agro-) biodiversity in the current production systems; what are the benefits of the Bio+ label regarding droughts and heavy rainfall?

Innovation Hub facilitator: Costin Lianu