Main goals of the project

To collectively imagine, develop, and test solutions for future eco-citizen dairy farming systems in the mountainous areas of the Massif Central.


Born in 2018, Coccinelle is a participatory research project that aims to co-build and test innovative solutions for the dairy farming of tomorrow in the Massif Central. It encompasses aspirations for environmental symbiosis, animal health and welfare, product quality and farmer welbeing. 

The Coccinelle collective has set itself the challenge to recreate links between agriculture and society and to promote collaboration between professionals from the livestocks sector, citizens and researchers.

Why this project?

Today, dairy farming in the grassland mountains of the Massif Central is struggling. While it provides many services to the territory (local products, employment, maintaining the openness of landscapes, transmission of know-how and cultural heritage), societal expectations around healthy food, animal welfare and the environment are pushing farmers and agricultural stakeholders to constantly question themselves, adapt practices and drive farming systems changes.

Who is involved?

  • People from the livestock farming sector 
  • People working in the milk and cheese sector
  • Scientific, technical and training establishments
  • Breeders and leaders of breeders' association
  • Citizens living in the Massif Central

The key focusses are

  • to engage and work with people who are interested in producing milk in a different way, in order to make change possible
  • to explore how game-based learning can contribute to the goals of sharing knowledge and engagement of stakeholders

You can listen to Radio Cocci podcasts to find out more. 

Innovation Hub facilitator: Julie Duval