Main goals of the project

The Strip-cropping Network in the Netherlands is practicing and testing strip-cropping techniques with farmers, to both increase agrobiodiversity, reduce inputs and improve farm profitability. 

At the same time, the strip-cropping network explores how this approach can be scaled up.  By building a network of stripcroppers, who are able to share their techniques and findings, and research partners who are collecting data, a robust and practical agro-ecological technique can be shared with other farmers interested in strip-cropping techniques.


The network is currently made up of around 50 arable farmers in both organic and conventional systems, practicing strip-cropping on their farms and a larger group of interested arable farmers Alongside these farmers is a range of supporting organisations - researchers, breeders, advisory services and NGOs.

As the number of farmers project scales up, issues such as bringing in supply chain partners, use of technology and mechanisation, fertilisation and irrigation will be considered. The project also wants to be able to share knowledge so interested arable farmers can set up their own learning groups and start practicing strip-cropping.

Innovation Hub facilitator: Maria van Boxtel